The Stories of Wayln


Wayln is a monk-priest and a Raccoon, traveling what remains of the world on his quest to fulfill his three promises before the world is at last engulfed by an ever growing darkness known only as "The Void". The origin and source of The Void is uncertain and a many years ago in his youth it simply burst into the world, swallowing giant portions of it whole. Over the decades since it has been growing, slowly and steadily, erasing from all time and space everything it touches. The world of formerly humourous animals and their brightly colored cultures has lost hope that it can be stopped and are now focusing all their energies on somehow getting off the planet before it's too late. Wayln walks this wasteland knowing that whatever comes, he will not be one of the lucky few that gets aboard the lifeboat. Death is coming, faster than it would have otherwise. Wayln seeks peace with his gods before the end, something that also seems harder and harder to find.

The Stories of Wayln is a novel I wrote some years ago about a world of anthropomorphic animals in a vaguely Asiatic sci-fi setting. It was born out of my own depression and wrestlings with God and became my primary vehicle out of a years long despair that nearly claimed my life. Wayln's journey, though much more fantastic and stylized, is a version of my own and a version of what I think every honest seeker must go through to find and begin to walk the righteous path. Maybe perhaps if you are suffering similarly, this story will help you. If not, I hope at least it entertains. It's offered for free here on the website (uploading the whole thing and converting to HTML may take time!), but if you want to download an epub for your kindle or something, that will be coming shortly in the future for a modest price. I hope you enjoy my story.