The Bard: The Only Counter to Wizards


Current Level: Journeyman. (250 XP)


The world is full of wizards spinning spells. It's no coincidence that "spell" and "spelling" are so similar, nor is it mere happenstance that "enchant" is so similar to "chant". Magic is the art of trying to alter reality with your words and it is always (or nearly always) evil. It is the art of hypnotizing, spinning lies, propoganda. Magic is the dark art that makes a man enslaved and blinds him to the truth. As anyone who's ever played DnD knows, the only real counter to the wizards is the bard, for only the bard's song can break the spell.

Journal Entry (2/16/19)

I'm happy to announce that I have completed one of my arrangements! I will upload the tab soon. It is, (if I do say so myself), a quite beautiful chord melody arrangment of "Path of Wind", one of the pieces from the soundtrack of the movie "My Neighbor Totoro" (which is exceedly wholesome). I learned the basics of chord melody from Ten Thumbs and combined that with a little music theory and came up with a nice piece. Next I would like to do "Ashokan Farewell", but after playing around with it I think it is only properly done on the uke with a low G string, so I'll need to restring my second ukulele for that purpose. Play on my dudes! (+7 XP!)


Journal Entry (1/23/19)

I'm making head way on goal 1. For the past little bit I've been working on an arrangment of "Path of Wind" from the "My Neighbor Totoro" soundtrack. It's a bit difficult because of the uku's minimal range but I think it's doable and will come out sounding pretty sweet. I have the melody mostly down, now I just need to figure out how to fill out the piece. I've been thinking about approaching it with a clawhammer strum pattern in order to add some accompaniment but I'm not sure yet if that will work. Regardless, I always keep my uke with me so I can pick it up and pluck out some tune now and again while waiting for this or that to happen. The beauty of the uke is its size. It's unobstrusive and a good travel companion. Everybody looks at you with justified disgust if you attempt to bring a guitar or a banjo along on a car ride. You get nothing but smiles when you plop along with an uke.

If you want to start your own uke journey, may I recommend Ten Thumbs Productions? I'm in no way affilated with them, but Tyler makes great instructional videos, all for free, and he deserves a shoutout.

Love peace and chicken grease,

Play on my dudes