Who am I?

As Westley said in "The Princess Bride", no one of consequence. For privacy purposes (and because I believe the internet was better back when everyone was annoymous and used handles and screennames) I go by the name "Yoshi Matsumoto". This is not my real name, nor am I Japanese. I live in Some Place That's Too Hot For My Liking in City of Middling Size with my wife and children. I am old enough to fondly remember going to Movie Gallery on friday nights to get a nintendo 64 game to play with friends at sleepovers but young enough that I never saw Sixteen Candles. I most often but not always drive a car that's green and usually wear a beard. Due to my children's tv preferences I have an astonishingly wide breadth of knowledge concerning the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic for a man my age. I really enjoy magic, especially slight of hand street magic, but I'm awful at it. I'm okay with a ukulele and I've always done a fair bit of martial arts, making me in pretty good shape for someone as nerdy as I happen to be. I wrote a novel (which I plan to put on this website for free at some point) and some other books about Christianity (well, book really, only one of those is finished). I very much get high on ideas and am a low grade physicist by education and profession. If you have ever spent hours listening to Alan Watts or Terrence Mckenna and/or like to sit around discussing how time travel might actually be possible, we'd probably get along great. I love consipracy theories, even those I don't beleive in (but I certainly DO beleive in some), just because they're fun. Also I saw a UFO once.


I enjoy making friends! If you'd like to get in touch please write to me at MatsumotoBooks@gmail.com!