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Attention! This is a Cozy Place!

Howdy. This is a personal journal about my eternal quest to make my life a little bit more like an anime. It sounds stupid but I don't care. Having been raised on videogames and vaguely otaku culture, now as an adult I find myself viewing everything through that lens. The blog is called "A Place for Yoshi" because this is my house on the internet. Here you can find a collection of my various writings and my "quest journal" where in I keep track of my progress (my XP) in the various quests and side-quests I've decided to take on in life. I try to keep my abode as humble and retro as possible because Web 1.0 was objectively better. Social media ruined it and life was better in VHS.

My Novel The Stories of Wayln is in the process of being uploaded. If you like good long epic fantasy, I hope you take a look!

New Journal Entries in all 3 Side Quests as of 2/16/19!

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